About us

RHS is an organisation set up to support our NHS by offering a comprehensive insourced/outsourced healthcare service. We are here to tackle backlogs in some of the most distressed and understaffed specialties across the UK, working closely with trusts and health boards to ensure our solution relieves service pressures.

Our fresh approach to insourced/outsourced healthcare allows trusts and health boards to meet their targets in the way that suits them whilst in keeping with budgets and financial objectives. Read more about our NHS insourcing services.


Our Team

Shane Simms

Projects Director

Dr Elizabeth Gill MBBS, MRCGP

Clinical Governance Lead

Preston Henser

Operational Director

David Reeves

Information Governance Lead

Edgar Luberenga

IT Lead

Adam Tarmaster

Business Development Manager

Rafe Easter


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Our Project Management team are on hand to bespoke a solution that meets your needs, irrespective of project size.


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